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Pain relief for swollen joints

If you work a job or enjoy a hobby that puts pressure on your joints, you may have pain from the repetitive motions. No one wants to tend to the garden or pitch a baseball game on Saturday only to have severe shoulder or elbow pain for the following week.

Chiropractic care can reduce pain from bursitis, a painful swelling in your joints.

You can experience bursitis in your:

What is bursitis?

Your joints are surrounded by small, fluid-filled sacs called bursa that act as a cushion to reduce friction between bone and muscle. When joints are under pressure or are overused from work or physically-demanding hobbies, the bursa can become inflamed and cause joint pain.

Bursitis is inflammation that occurs most commonly in the elbows, hips, and shoulders and sometimes in the knees and feet. It usually occurs in people over 40.

Activities that can cause bursitis include things like:

  • Carpentry and painting
  • Gardening, raking, and other yard work
  • Golfing, skiing, tennis, and other sports
  • Pitching and throwing
  • Scrubbing, shoveling, and other repetitive tasks
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Joint pain after work or play

Bursitis can occur suddenly or build up over time. For example, while completing renovations for your home you spend hours over the weekend laying new flooring. The extended time on your knees places pressure on the joint that causes inflammation over the following days.

Symptoms of bursitis include:

  • Joint pain, especially during movement
  • Limited range of motion
  • Swelling of the affected area
  • Redness
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Bursitis treatment from a chiropractor

Bursitis symptoms generally take a few weeks to disappear, with proper rest. It is hard for many people to truly rest joints like elbows, hips, and knees because they are used so frequently.

Chiropractic care for bursitis treatment provides relief from swelling and pain without relying on possibly addicting prescription pain medications. Chiropractic treatment involves spinal adjustment to reduce the restrictions and fix misalignments in your spine and joints.

  • Improve spinal health and nervous system function
  • Get relief from joint pain and discomfort
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion of the affected joint
  • Decrease joint inflammation and reduce swelling
  • Enjoy safe, non-invasive, drug-free pain management

If you work a job with repetitive motion and stress on your joints, you may benefit from routine chiropractic care. When it comes to bursitis treatment, chiropractors can offer adjustments for your joints and provide education for self-treatment and prevention.

How to get rid of bursitis at home

You can help relieve pain from bursitis at home using several methods.
  • Rest the affected area
  • Use ice or cold packs for 10 to 15 minute increments for 3 days
  • Gently move the affected joint through a range of motion exercises
  • Take an anti-inflammatory pain reliever, like ibuprofen

If your bursitis symptoms persist for weeks even with home rest, you should seek medical attention from a chiropractor or your general physician.

Routine chiropractic care can alleviate pain for things like elbow, knee, hip bursitis, and more. If you have a job, hobby, or routine that strains your joints, you should consider chiropractic treatment as preventative care.

What is the difference between arthritis, bursitis, and tendinitis?

Both bursitis and arthritis affect the joints in your body, and both ailments more commonly affect older people. Bursitis is a short-term irritation that will go away if treated properly. Arthritis is a permanent condition resulting from normal wear and tear on the cartilage.

Tendinitis and bursitis both result from overuse of one part of the body. Tendinitis is irritation of the tendon connecting muscle to bone, while bursitis affects the cushion in the joints. It is possible to develop both of these conditions at the same time.

Chiropractic care as an
integrative health solution

When you visit our office, a doctor of chiropractic will conduct a physical exam and complete a health history in order to assess your symptoms and compile a bursitis treatment plan that is customized to your needs.

We frequently work with those in other health care professions to together provide the best bursitis treatment for you. In addition to your chiropractic adjustment, we may refer you for physical therapy, massage, or prescription medications depending on the severity of your symptoms.
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