Spinal Adjustment

The trademark of chiropractic technique
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What is a spinal adjustment?

Spinal adjustment is the hallmark treatment of a doctor of chiropractic. Also called spinal manipulative therapy, it is when practitioners use their hands or a device to deliver a controlled thrust to a joint of your spine. "Controlled thrust" simply means a specific amount of force or in a specific direction to achieve the desired results.

The evidence-based effectiveness of the spinal adjustment has made it a recommended treatment option by the American College of Physicians for acute/chronic low back pain (Source). It is a chiropractic treatment sought for several reasons:

A common choice for pain relief

Spinal adjustment techniques are one of the most common complementary health treatments used in the United States (Source). In a 2012 study by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, 67 percent of participants used spinal adjustments for pain relief or treatment for a specific health condition.

Specifically, people chose a spinal adjustment for: 

  • Treating a specific health concern
  • General wellness
  • Disease prevention
  • It’s focus on the entire body
  • Improved energy
  • Better immune system function
  • Improved memory or concentration

How spinal adjustments work

Your spine is made up of individual vertebrae stacked on top of each other with moveable joints between them. Sometimes the joints do not move properly and certain segments of the spine become fixed.

Possible causes of these spinal fixations include:

  • Trauma and accidents
  • Stress
  • Muscle spasms or weakness
  • Poor posture or body mechanics
  • Sedentary lifestyles

Chiropractors use manual therapies to deliver a high velocity, low amplitude thrust to move fixed segments of the vertebrae, and restore movement. This relieves acute low back pain and other complaints.

Additionally, spinal adjustment improves nervous system function and motor control. This is because the central nervous system is protected by the spine and can be negatively affected by joint pressure or constriction

Understanding the chiropractic adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment is a blanket term used to refer to any technique your chiropractor chooses for treatment, not just a spinal adjustment. A chiropractor is specifically trained to determine which methods and techniques are suited to you and which should be avoided because of certain conditions.
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Is a spinal
adjustment safe?

Yes, it is safe when performed by a licensed professional. Certain health conditions may pose risk of increased pain or complications, so it is important to share your medical history with your doctor of chiropractic before receiving treatment. Chiropractors customize their treatments to suit the needs of their patients.

Common side effects of spinal adjustments include temporary muscle soreness, stiffness, or a temporary increase in pain. Serious complications are very rare.
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Can physical therapists do spinal adjustment?

Yes. In addition to chiropractors, licensed professionals like physical therapists and osteopathic physicians can deliver spinal manipulation therapy. However, chiropractors specifically receive education and training based around this method of care and are arguably the most effective at performing it.

What can be treated with a spinal adjustment?

We can treat a number of conditions like:
  • Low back pain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Sciatica and leg pain
  • Neck pain
  • And more

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