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Foot, and Ankle Pain

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Relief for lower leg pain and injuries

If your knee, foot, or ankle pain is keeping you from enjoying everyday activities – like jogging, participating in your favorite sports, or playing with your kids – a chiropractor can help. Whenever you are experiencing pain localized to one area, it's time to seek a professional opinion.

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Seeing a chiropractor is a great starting point to assess your pain and determine the cause. A doctor of chiropractic understands the body as a whole rather than a sum of parts. We get to the root of the issue and encourage healing and relief so that you can live your life pain-free.

It's all about the spine

If you know the relief chiropractors bring to millions of people suffering from back pain, you may be asking "do chiropractors treat knee pain?" The answer is yes – because everything connects back to the spine.

Your knee (as well as your feet and ankles) work in unison with the rest of your spine and lower body. For this reason, we examine not just your pain points but also your spine. When one area goes out of alignment, there is a high chance that the rest of your body will be disrupted as well.

Chiropractors specialize in natural, conservative, drug-free treatment methods to bring relief and healing to more than just the spine.

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Finding the source of your pain

When it comes to your foot, ankle, calf, or knee pain, chiropractors can identify if the pain due to injury, health condition, or lifestyle change.
  • Knee and ankle injuries
  • Joint strain from weight gain
  • Pre-existing conditions like osteoarthritis

It is highly possible for your knee, foot, or ankle pain to arise without injury. Drastic changes in body weight or lifestyle can easily strain or shift your joints resulting in pressure and pain.

Chiropractic care can be an excellent alternative to prescription pain medications for most injuries, but not all. Talk to your doctor of chiropractic about the nature of your injury to determine how chiropractic can best help you.
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Symptoms of knee pain

  • Sharp, electric pain
  • Burning
  • Trouble Walking
  • Stiffness
  • Redness & Warmth
  • Clicking and Locking

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Can a chiropractor
help with knee pain?

A chiropractor uses a variety of techniques depending on your health and the type of pain you are experiencing. Here are a few of the approaches your knee pain chiropractor may use:
  • Spinal adjustment – Correcting alignment can impact your entire body because of the role your central nervous system plays in your overall health.
  • Hip and knee adjustment – Mobilization of affected joints reduces your inflammation, improves function, and reduces pain.
  • Posture correction – Coaching from a chiropractor can help distribute your body weight evenly and lessen the burden on a painful knee (or pained foot or ankle).
  • Sports taping or ice – Reducing aggravating factors and calming inflammation helps relieve your pain.
  • Physical therapy – Rehabilitative exercises and stretches ensure long-term healing and improve balance and joint positioning.
  • Complementary treatments – Soft tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and more can help relieve stress on your body and improve function.

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Can a chiropractor help
with foot pain?

A chiropractor can help treat your foot and ankle pain alone, or in tandem with a specialist or general physician. Your chiropractic treatment options may differ depending on your unique injury or condition.

Benefits from a chiropractic adjustment include:

  • Relief from pain and discomfort
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved range of motion
  • Increased flexibility


What causes ankle and foot pain?

You may be experiencing foot and ankle pain due to a number of factors. Chiropractic care can offer alternative or complementary treatment options for your pain.
  • Plantar fasciitis – Specific adjustments to the foot and ankle can relieve pain in the ball of your foot or heel bone.
  • Fallen arches – Getting arch supports or a chiropractic adjustment can help reduce your pain.
  • Arthritis – Chiropractic adjustments can indirectly relieve inflamed joints in your foot and toes.

Chiropractic treatment for your condition will depend on the severity of the issue. Often, chiropractic intervention can reduce pain and improve function without drastic measures or addictive prescriptions.

Can sciatica cause
foot and ankle pain?

Sciatica pain can extend from the lower back,
through the hips, thighs, calf muscles, and lower leg.
Depending on how the nerve is pinched,
it can result in foot and ankle pain.

Learn more about what causes sciatica
and our treatment options.
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Do chiropractors work on ankles?

Yes, a chiropractor offers treatment for the whole body. A doctor of chiropractic undergoes post-graduate education just like a medical doctor, but they specialize in the spine and central nervous system and how both influence the function of the whole body.

A chiropractor will treat your affected area, whether that be ankle pain or carpal tunnel, but will also examine the spine because of its influence on your entire body. Chiropractors use spinal adjustment to treat the spine but also conduct limb adjustments and even a chiropractic ankle adjustment.

Can a chiropractor help with a sprained ankle?

An ankle sprain means ligaments are already stretched and torn. This type of ankle injury may not improve from some chiropractic treatments. Chronic ankle pain with jamming or pinching is a better indicator of an issue a chiropractor can resolve.

If you are unsure of the type of ankle injury you are dealing with, a chiropractor is trained to find the problem.

Should I see a chiropractor to help with knee pain or ankle injuries?

Absolutely. You do not need a medical referral to visit a chiropractor, so it is a great starting point to identify and treat your pain in one stop. A chiropractor can identify if your knee, foot, and ankle pain will respond to conservative treatment options, or if you should seek special care.

If you don't want to rely on prescription painkillers and are ready to treat the source of your lower leg pain, we are ready to set up your consultation.
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